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The Switch Blade

Introducing the best thing that ever happened to a skid loader blade! The Switch Blade was developed with several uses in mind.  The grader blade will adjust in every conceivable direction. It is great for leveling material even if you are sitting on an incline.


If leveling isn't enough, raise the attachment, pull a pin and rotate the blade 180 degrees.  Now use the claw attachments to push brush. Or go deeper and rip out small trees and their roots. Of course, the angle of the blade is still adjustable in every aspect.


Pull the claw attachments and replace them with our squeegee attachment.

Now push snow on concrete or remove manure from dairy barns. Yes, the blade is still adjustable in every way.


These are just a few uses for the most versatile blade you will ever use.

It's made by Limbhog so you know it's tough!


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