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The Piglet Functions

- Move trailers, boats, anything with a hitch with accuracy

- Scoping hitch allows for towing different kinds of vehicles

- Easy to see where you're going since the hitch is in front of you

- Super strong design allows maximum lifting

- Faster than moving a trailer with a truck

- No need for a spotter, as you can see clearly where the trailer is going

Benefits of The Piglet

The Piglet is designed to make your life easier because the hitch is conveniently placed in front of you, which makes it easy to see where you're going. The super strong design makes it possible to lift very heavy objects.

The Roothog

Tired of having too many trees in your yard? The Roothog is a great tool for completely removing trees!

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Attachments are available for the Piglet. The Piglet quickly converts to a bale spear. Just slide the bale spear attachment on and go!

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