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The Roothog

The Roothog was designed by the Limbhog Company with homeowners like you in mind. Some properties have excessive amounts of trees, leaving very little room to do anything with your yard. This revolutionary tool is to make the process of tree removal easy for you so you can reclaim your land!

How it works

This wedge-shaped saw attached right to the front end of your skid loader for ease of use. This makes it possible to cut problematic trees right to the root without leaving a stump behind. It has an innovative tooth design that allows you to achieve the maximum cut every single time!

The Limbhog

If you're in need of a tree trimming tool, the Limbhog works like no other! Click below to learn more!

Product Details

Simply place the tip of ROOTHOG blade against an unfortunate tree trunk at ground level and drive! Repeat if necessary.

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